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Tuning Honda CRX

Here is a cool yellow Honda CRX with interesting exterior tuning and styling. Let's look at this awesome Japanese nugget in more detail!

There are a lot of CRX died due to wild tuning of 2000s, but this one alive and looks cool. Basically this CRX is in condition near stock. There is no wild wings, huge rims or body kits. Just stock shape. Even wheels are not so large and tyres are not so low. But all bottom, including wheels, performed in black. If here were black plastic fenders, I even could say that it's almost "cross coupe" :-) Else we see sport seats inside. Of course here are installed strut near rear seats. It's a popular modification of Hondas from that era. Anyway, even with such simple tuning Honda CRX looks really cool. And I am glad that this compact sport car still alive and presents a lot of pleasure to its owner.
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