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Stance Honda CRX with Hellaflush

Honda CRX was an interesting car of its epoch. Pretty and tiny "coupe" with awesome handling. Almost Honda Civic ED, but better. But will talk not about benefits for customers 30 years ago. We will talk about tuning here. And this car has a few interesting things. Probably camber is the most notable change here. And basically this Honda CRX is about stance and hellaflush. Front axle here is just lowered, but rear has hellaflush because it's the only one solution how to put so wide wheels without cut. And such asymmetry looks a little odd, as on my own taste. Beside lowered and modified suspension we can see here cool custom made 3-piece wheels with wide polished rims. Black skirts all around looking great. Else, being some kind of Civic ED, CRX often has the same mods. Civic ED had no so hard body, so owners often installed additional struts in the cabin, around rear wheels. This CRX has roll-bar in the cabin. By the way, there are a lot of cool and mad tuning project are in Taiwan. And this one stance Honda CRX with hellaflush is just one of them.
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