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Honda NSX Widebody

Original Honda NSX is a rare and expensive car today. But who said that Honda NSX can't get some widebody kit? And I may to say that this NSX looks just amazing. That's why let's watch this car more detailed.

Basically this Honda NSX looks more like restomod. Even non-metallic gray color makes this supercar more fresh. Widebody kit makes this Honda NSX more cool, but amazing look that's not all. Wide body kit covers really wide wheels. It can improve handling and dynamic. Of course NSX can't drive like modern Ferrari, Lambo or Porsche. Don't forget that NSX is analogue enough car. But it's not bad. Some people want to have such car and feel its analogue. But sometimes even old cars can be fast almost like new. Why? They are not so heavy. And weight is very important when we are talking about speed, acceleration and handling.
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