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Tuning Hyundai i30n

Here is unexpected hot hatch from Hyundai with some mods. Nobody thought about Korean cars as about really cool and fun. It was else a few years ago. But after it they made Kia Stinger. Yes, it's not a real competitor for BMW 3 or 4 series, but it was not Kia we knew it before.

This Hyundai i30n is almost the same. This is hatch which isn/t fast like VW Golf, BMW 1, Audi A3, Honda Civic I guess. But this is really cool and fun hatch with some power and manual. It's a cool car for enthusiasts from beginning. But it's possible to make it a little better. At least using the classic scheme: fitment and wheels. And here isn't needed serious lowering because it's a car for driving. Just a little, for better look and handling. As for wheels...
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