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Tuning Hyundai Sonata DN 2020

Present Hyundai Sonata is one of rare mid-size sedans for now. And that's awesome that Hyundai presented new generation in 2019 and didn't kill this model, as Ford did with its Fusion.

As for this Sonata, this vehicle has all popular modifications and some doubtful decisions. Car got air suspension and can get lower or lay on the ground for better look. Cool wheels from Rotiform make exterior else more cool and unique because such not so expensive cars usually doesn't get such expensive rims. Trim, mirrors and windows are black. And car got very aggressive splitters. It looks a little strange because Sonata is not fast car. 2 long exhaust pipes may how car's power, but here is no serious power :-) So, it's just show stopper. Body was repainted or wrapped into chameleon. Looks not bad, but it's like matte black - not modern now.
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