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Slammed Hyundai Sonata YF

Korean cars are not so popular on tuning scene. But sometimes we can see interesting project. Like this one matte black and slammed Hyundai Sonata YF. This family sedan has not so many changes, but we have what to discuss...

Else a few years ago cheap midsize sedans were pretty popular. But today you can meet mostly premium models and a few last not premium models, like Toyota Camry or our Hyundai Sonata. Often these cars have tasteless modifications. But this one slammed Hyundai Sonata YF looking pretty good. Even with matte black paint or vinyl film. It's already a little outdated styling in 2024. But this Sonata has air suspension and can cool lay on the ground. As for wheels, these wheels have a little outdated styling as well. Basically this Sonata looks like a tuned in 2010 car and actually is such car. But at least new wheels can make it more fresh.
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