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Slammed Jaguar XJ

There are a lot of different rules and laws in building of really cool tuning projects. But one of most important laws says, that long limousines always are looking stunning if they are lowered.

That can fit this law more than Jaguar XJ from 1990s? Almost nothing. Pretty design, long, not so tall - it's just all that is needed. Take a car in a good condition or restore to such condition car which you already have. It's important because what can be worst than limousine with rust? Add some lowering and wheels - your cool tuned car is ready to drive. Using this recipe here was got a slammed Jaguar XJ.

This vehicle has the only one problem - this project was built by orcs in terorussia. 22 years they were "out a politic" and allowed putin stay in power. And now all these orcs don't understand why all the world hates ruZZia and all ruZZian. But even they can't spoil this awesome Jag.
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