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Tuning Kia K5 2021

If you still don't know, K5 is an Optima's name on all markets. Kia has made all they are thinking they could to back sedan's popularity and change Optima's boring reputation. But let's talk about brand new 2021 Kia K5 and its tuning.

As for design, car looks rude and unusual already from factory. In some meaning its design is aggressive like present Toyota Camry, even without some tuning. But Camry even having bad brakes still could be with powerful V6 3.5. Kia mostly just only looks. But it would be stupid not to use its styling in exterior tuning. This matte white Kia K5 has a black roof. Usually I've seen such decision on... Camry and on Chinese version of Ford Fusion. Probably Chinese are lowing such style. In United States all it looks a little unusual, but looks interesting. Black roof and tinted all windows - Europeans may envy. Suspension was lowered. But it looks like static lowering, no airlift. Stock wheels were replaced into Ferrada. And it's a pity, but they are black and not so visible.
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