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Stance Kia Optima TF

This is Kia Optima TF with some stance. On my opinion TF is most pretty generation for last 20-30 years. And sales approve my words. The next generation already was not so successful like this. Here is a hybrid version. But the main thing here is its styling. So let's watch this Optima a little more detailed.

Basically this Optima has a few minor changes. Owner did just 2-3 things. Suspension is modified here, car got lower. It's the first step to stance. And the second, owner replaced boring stock wheels. New wheels from JR are larger, more wide. But else this stance Kia Optima has a cool fitment. So here is possible 2 ways how it was done. Owner bought wheels with needed ET or he used some spacers. Anyway, this white kia from Poland looks really cool. And it's not more expensive Kia Stinger.
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