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Bagged Kia Telluride

Classic family station wagons are becoming less and less. In North America it's usually expensive models, like Mercedes-Benz E-Class. So, if you want something close to station wagon - mid-size SUV are your choice. And Kia Telluride, like this, is not worse choice. And in meaning of tuning it's not worse choice too. At first, they are not so popular and if people take them, it's credit or leasing, so vehicles are stock or close to it. That's why even a little modified Kia Telluride would be a real exotic at your place. Nobody will have even close to your vehicle. But, in the same moment you will have only basic universal tuning parts and sets. Airlift or coilovers for static lowering, wheels, tint, vinyl film for wrapping. By the way about tint, white body with black tinted windows always looking great.
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