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Stance Lancia Stratos

What can be more cool, unique and in the same moment unusual than stanced legend of rally? But here we see such car. Yes, it's a real stance Lancia Stratos and it's not a joke. Lets watch this bagged Lancia Stratos more detailed.

At first, I may to say that Stratos is a cool, but rare car from beginning. It's a huge luck to see such car on the street or on some event. By the way - tuning Lancia Stratos, we have already written about this legend. As for this one car, it seems to be in much better condition. Or car was restored. Anyway, its deep blue paint is polished and shines. As all stance projects this Lancia Stratos got lowering and new wheels. Air suspension allows this Lancia Stratos just to lay on the ground. And grounded Stratos looks just amazing. Yes, you can say that bagged Lancia Stratos it's bad, owner had to save it in original. Because it's so rare car. But just note that this Lancia is in Japan. After it remember at least a few really wild tuning projects from Japan. This Lancia didn't got really serious modification and can back into original when it would be needed. Else this Stratos got a cool custom made 3-piece wheels with classic centers and polished rims. I guess these wheels fit this legendary car.
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