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Range Rover Velar Widebody

Usually SUV are not popular as a base for tuning projects with wide body kits. But some companies, like Mansory, are producing such tuning kits. So here we have Widebody Range Rover Velar and I offer to discuss this vehicle more detailed.

I'm not sure, but it can be a 3D render. And don't think that renders are useless. After such rendering manufacturer can produce such bodykit for real car. So, don't think that this widebody Range Rover Velar can't appear in real. It's more than possible! Else I can note one interesting thing at these pictures. Usually people install larger and wider wheels with thick tires. Such wheels are looking great, but they can make a ride not so comfortable. But here we see wide wheels with wide outer rims (because widebody can cover such wheels), but these wheels are not maximum large as possible. Tires have a height almost like stock. Probably it's a new trend because I see such wheels not at first for last months. Tuners back to practice and comfort. And sometimes such wheels can look even better than a little larger. Such wheels can look especially cool on youngtimers, like some BMW E34. In all other this wide body Range Rover Velar is a usual stance project with cool wheels and air suspension.
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