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Tuning Lexus IS 500 2022

It's a miracle but Lexus made IS500 again. At this time it's again sedan that want's to be a competitor BMW M3, Mercedes C63 AMG, Audi RS4. But Lexus IS 500 still is not their rival.

As for this 2022 Lexus IS500, it's a fresh model. So, don't wait serious tuning. Only classic solution. Here was done 2 main things: wheels and fitment. Most stock wheels are boring. That's why many people replace them to show their taste. And new wheels can be larger. In some cases it's important. Here was installed an air suspension for better fitment. First such Lexus IS500 on our site and it's bagged. I guess owner doesn't has any aim to drive his Lexus fast, just style. If he wanted to visit some track he would buy BMW...
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