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Toyota Celsior VIP

For all the world Toyota Celsior is well known as Lexus LS. But here we have a pure JDM performed in classic Japanese styling. And this limo looks amazing. We can only imagine its luxury interior. However, here we have Toyota Celsior VIP and we added this car in Lexus LS category... Just at least anybody to see this awesome limousine. So, let's take a closer look at it.

This is an ordinary Toyota Celsior VIP. Everything is made by classic recipe. It's a large black limousine with tinted windows. All chrome trim is present and polished. Wheels are large and polished to the mirror condition. 4 oval exhaust pipes are shining as well. By the way, this Celsior has V8, so I guess owner has replaced mufflers. New exhaust system may be a little louder. But I don't think new mufflers are hiding this awesome V8 sound. Air suspension allows to this Toyota Celsior to lay on the ground. What can be more beautiful than stanced large limousine? I'm not a fan of these cars, which knows just everything. But it seams that front bumper is from American car and mirrors are aftermarket. However, it's still a cool and comfortable car. And it's Toyota from 1990s. It may stay on the road else many years.
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