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Slammed Lexus UX

Lexus is not so popular base for tuning. However here we have the slammed Lexus UX. And this tiny SUV looks pretty cool because it can lay on the ground. So, let's watch at this tuned Lexus UX more close.

If you want to build the stance Lexus UX basically you would need 2 main modifications. Factory wheels usually are not so large and not cool, not unique. So 95% that you may replace them. Here owner installed wheels with pretty wide and polished outer rims. As on my own taste these wheels have not the best design, but I'm loving idea to use wheels with wide outer rims. And the second modification is air suspension which allows this Lexus UX to adjust the fitment and makes a ride more comfortable. You can build slammed Lexus UX only with air suspension. Coilovers wouldn't be a good solution for such stanced Lexus UX because slammed means more low. However, here is a cool compact SUV for everyday tasks and fun driving.
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