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Bagged Lincoln Navigator

Car styling is such a thing for which there can be no reason. But people do it. And it Looks strange. Sometimes even terrible. And for many people this Lincoln Navigator can be strange or even terrible.

No, don't think that this project was built from shit and sticks. It's fresh enough and expensive SUV, here were installed expensive parts. Oh, engine... Just look on it! This is masterpiece. Nobody else has such. And in the end we see... this. Huge SUV that lays on the ground. And I guess interior was seriously changed too. Anyway, all used here parts are cool. But in amount - there are a lot of questions without answers. And the main question is - for what? If you are a kid o a student, you will find answer on this question. It will be something like "because it's cool". But not all adults will say the same. And else less will be ready to drive such car everyday. If you live in some specific place and your adult friends think that it's cool too - that's your way. But almost everywhere outside California this Navigator will look really strange. "Pimp my ride" is still alive :-)

But even without unusual styling, grounded large SUVs and trucks usually look worse that passenger cars with the same mods.
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