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Stanced Lotus Esprit

Here is an awesome stanced Lotus Esprit Mk1 from Great Britain. There are a lot of similar cars still drive at English roads. People love them, keep in a good condition and sometimes we can find an interesting tuned Lotus Esprit. By the way we have more pictures of this tuned Lotus Esprit. And this tuning Lotus Esprit is the same car as well. Basically this Esprit has just 2 significant modifications. Owner made it bagged and installed cool wide wheels. These wheels look like classic, but they are modern. Anyway, no doubt these wheels fit this Lotus Esprit and its rare design from 1970s. Such wheels look like from one epoch and it's good. In all other it is mostly ordinary Esprit in a good condition. Modern tuning projects are so. No significant exterior changes. just lowering, wheels and clean design.
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