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Bagged Maserati Levante

If you were interesting how to build a unique tuning project for cost of well equipped Toyota Camry, here is a simple receipt of it.

For cool tuning project is needed a good base. And here a great idea could be to buy some 3-5 years old luxury vehicle with serious mileage. Even 100 000 miles for 3-5 years means that car drove mostly on highways. Car can have some dents and cracks on front end, but engine and transmission may be in a good condition. But due to mileage such car would cost much less.

Having such logic you can get car like this one Maserati Levante. After maintenance and detailing we can start tunes. At least are needed new cool wheels and to make suspension lower. Many luxury cars have air bags instead springs from factory, but car can’t lay on the ground as we need. So, we need to modify and adjust suspension. You can add else some mods by your taste. And after it we can drive near unique car which you can drive else a few years without serious issues and repairs.
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