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Mazda CX5 Hellaflush

What about hellaflush tuning project? I have an interesting pictures here. Meet, 1gen Mazda CX5 hellaflush! Basically I guess this Mazda has only one issue - this project was built by ruZZian in teroruZZia. In all other this is a great car. Let's look at this CX5 in more detail...

Here is not so wild camber like on projects from Japan. But suspension here is already fer from stock. Air suspension allows to get lower till fenders will lay on the rims. Wide wheels are installed with serious camber and it was the only 1 way how to put these wide wheels without body cut. I can't say that these wheels fit this Mazda CX5 with Hellaflush, but they are wide and just "not so bad". I'm sure there are a lot of wheels which would fit this hellaflush Mazda CX-5 much better. Thanks God that at this black SUV with black trim and tinted windows were installed not black wheels. Even if owner thought about it... Hellaflush is such kind of tuning where you want to show your rebel spirit. Black wheels will be just almost invisible here.
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