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Slammed Mazda CX5

Here is an awesome slammed Mazda CX5 from Japan. This is Japanese SUV for drivers, and actually it makes this model another than other Japanese SUV like Toyota RAV4 or Honda CR-V. So, I offer to watch this slammed Mazda CX-5 a little more detailed.

Most part of stance projects have only external tuning. Wheels, lowered suspensions, some body kits, wrapping and tint. But this slammed Mazda CX5 has else some technical improvements. We can see at least 2 things on these pictures. First is huge intercooler. It means that this SUV has turbo from factory (that is rare enough), or owner added turbo. It's Japan, so both can be possible. And we see 2 huge mufflers under rear bumper. So, this CX5 may have a little better exhaust sound. And of course this Mazda CX5 has sir suspension and these awesome wheels from Rotiform. Else owner installed covers on the fenders. This Mazda CX5 is not widebody in traditional meaning. But it looks much better than with black stock covers. By the way, we have more pictures of this slammed Mazda CX-5 on our site. On my opinion this is probably the best Mazda CX5 KF I ever seen. At this moment when I'm writing it of course.
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