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Custom Mazda MX-5 Widebody

Here is an awesome Mazda MX-5 with custom and widebody kit. This Mazda MX5 got significantly changed wide body. Custom bumpers with splitters, wide fenders, rear spoiler and hard roof. I guess most part of these parts are made from fiberglass. That's why this is still lightweight car, that is important for sport cars.

This Mazda MX5 with its custom wide body kit looks more fresh than it is. Anyway, this MX5 looks just incredible. But that's not all. Else this Mazda MX5 has both main elements of every stance project. Cool huge wheels and fitment. Mazda MX5 is a cool driver's car with amazing handling. That's why huge and wide wheels are good for handling. But such wheels need more powerful engine. Lowered suspension is good for handling and makes every car more cool, and this Mazda MX5 is not an exclusion. Anyway, this is most cool Mazda MX5 Miata NA I have ever seen.
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