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Stanced Mazda RX-7

Here is an awesome black stanced Mazda RX-7. This legendary rotor coupe has an interesting styling. I have not seen anything similar. No insane widebody kits or something else are here. Just lowering, wheels and styling. I offer to watch this coupe in more detail.

This Mazda has cool wheels. But these wheels aren't classic Japanese. These absolutely insane 3-piece wheels are looking like some old wheels with classic spokes. Like on some bicycle or 100 years old car. It even seams that these wheels have a one central nut, like in F1 or on 70-100 years old car. But I guess these wheels just have such rethought design but are modern in all other. However, it's unexpected styling for RX-7. By the way, these wheels are a little sticking out and fenders can lay on outer rims in air suspension's lower position. Looks really cool. Else this stanced Mazda RX-7 has the skirts all around. They help to seam lower and else more sporty. And the last element of styling is a color of our stanced Mazda RX7. This car is black, but even wheels are not tinted.
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