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Dropped Mazda RX7 FD

Here we have a bright red and dropped Mazda RX7 FD from Great Britain. This coupe looks like almost in stock condition ant it's rare today. I hope this car still has original rotor engine. This engine in a couple with modified exhaust system can have absolutely insane sound. However, let's look at this legendary Japanese coupe in more detail.

This dropped Mazda RX7 FD has a minor tuning. Suspension is a little lowered. New wheels. Probably this coupe has better wheels with summer tires. I bet this Mazda RX7 has coilovers and could be more lowered in warmer months. Else we see a huge muffler, classic for Japanese cars. Front and side splitters are making a silhouette more lower even with not so significant lowering. Tinted windows could make exterior more interesting because red body looks great with tinted windows and blacked trim. But usually tint on front windows is denied in Europe. And all what you can tint in this car is 1 rear windows :-) That's why all or nothing...
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