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Tuning Mercedes A45s AMG V177

Here is a tiny Mercedes from Poland. Some say that A-Class is not Mercedes, is not Mercedes it should be. Tight, not so comfortable, but looks great. And, truth be told, it's all truth. But this is a car more for young resident of a metropolis. They don't need a comfort. But cool exterior is important. Anyway, here is Mercedes A45s AMG V177 with some tuning. So, let's take a closer look at A-Class in more detail.

Some people love hot hatches or really hot hatches like A45 or Audi RS3. But today these hot hatches are available like compact sedans as well. And these models are one of fastest compact cars in the world. This sedan from AMG is fast enough already from factory. Matte gray color makes this Mercedes more cool. Earlier you had to wrap your car to get similar color. But today some manufacturers offer such colors from factory. This matte gray looks great with black trim. It's a shame, but owner installed here cool wheels from JW and they are finished in black. Some people love such styling. But it's an easy way how to wast a lot of money and nobody will see really pretty wheels. Tinted windows, not black wheels and some lowering could make tuning of this Mercedes A45s AMG V177 more expressive.
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