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Tuning Mercedes-Benz E63 S AMG Wagon S213 2021

If you are looking for some fresh and rear Mercedes - 2021 E63s AMG Wagon (Estate on some markets) is a car you need. Why? Answer is simple. This is really rare car. A few years ago E-class got facelifted, and now in United States people already can't buy new E-Class wagon from AMG because Mercedes removed from market all cars with 4-liter V8. Between facelift and moment when these models disappeared was not so much time. And E-Class wagon was not popular before it. So, we got cool and rare Mercedes.

This is cool car because with V8 from AMG can't be slow and in the same moment this wagon has more space than many popular SUV. Mercedes E63 S AMG Wagon is cool even in stock. But if you will make else some mods - you can get really unique car. Here all mods are new wheels and maybe some suspension lowering.

Mercedes will present new E-Class in 2023, but I guess version from AMG will not get V8. And American customers have low chances to get new generation of E-Class as wagon. So, this car is the last, in some meaning.
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