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Slammed Mercedes E550 W211

Here is a cool slammed Mercedes E550 W211 from United States. It was the third most powerful model after Mercedes E63 AMG and Mercedes E55 AMG. Let's watch this fast German sedan and its tuning a little bit closer.

Truth be told, this slammed Mercedes E550 W211 looks like almost stock car. And partly it's so. Because this Mercedes has just a few simple, but in real very significant changes. Here are installed early wheels from Vossen. Today they look not so outdated, but in style of that decade. And owner made this Mercedes W211 slammed. Yes, usually slammed cars are a little lower, but it's just "usually". It's almost a crime to drive with stock exhaust system on Mercedes with V8, but it seams that here is so... But anyway, this Mercedes looks incredible even now. But I hope that this Mercedes is in a good technical condition.
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