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Tuning Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600

Here we have a little strange car from Germany. And on my opinion everything is strange here. Body, painting, wheels, overall styling. And I can't understand why did somebody do this? So, let's watch this strange tuning of Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 a little more detailed.

Mercedes GLS is not beautiful from factory. So you have more chances to spoil design. 2-color painting was popular many years ago. Today some expensive cars can have same. But this color pair looks a little strange. Probably these colors can look cool on different vehicle. Wheels are else more strange. The first I thought looking wheels was: where are Swarovski crystals here? Chrome grills and footboard looking well, but it seams that they don't fit burgundy red and white. I guess if you have enough money and you want to attract an attention, you can hire some designer and make really stylish and unique vehicle than this tuning Mercedes-Maybach GLS600.
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