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Stance Mercedes EQS

Here is a brand new electric Mercedes EQS. And, as al we know, it is an electric version of our beloved Mercedes S-Class. It's a shame, but Mercedes decided to play this game with futuristic design for its electric models. Even BMW already makes traditional and electric models with the same design. It's especially a shame because Mercedes EQS has a design not for everybody. EQS is expensive vehicle and not everybody can buy it. But what about esthetic pleasure while looking this car? S-Class always had balanced design. That's why even 30 years old models are looking not so bad even today. Nobody would say that their design is modern, but they are looking really great. All this is not about EQS. So, let's take a closer look at stance Mercedes EQS in more detail!

As you see, somebody has bought EQS, replaced stock wheels into cool from Vossen and made suspension lower. That's why we see here a stance Mercedes EQS. People often installing such wheels into expensive limousines, like S-Class or Rolls Royce. These wheels are too eccentric for most of us. But this is an electric vehicle, so probably such wheels can be more efficiently, who knows. Anyway, this is first or one of first stanced Mercedes EQS.
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