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Stance Mercedes SL 63 AMG R232

Here is a rare car at this moment - Mercedes SL 63 AMG R232 with stance. Some say that luxury roadsters almost died and that Mercedes SL, which was a cool and comfortable sport car, became a favorite car of gramps from Florida. Basically it's truth. But sometimes we still can meet Mercedes SL with some tuning. So, let's take a closer look at expensive roadster in more detail.

At first, this white Mercedes SL R232 has a cool styling, which is based on a couple of colors. Black and white. Black trim, mirrors, a-pillar, even headlights are black inside as well. And wheels are black as well. Wheels have a thick chrome line on the rims, but they are black and I guess it's a mistake. These wheels are cool, but they are almost invisible. And, of course, this Mercedes-Benz SL 63 AMG R232 has lowering because it's a usual stance project.
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