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Tuning Nissan Juke Nismo

Here is shining black Nissan Juke Nismo with interesting exterior tuning. It's already previous generation, but this model is still popular. So, let's watch this tiny SUV more detailed.

Probably the main tuning of this Nissan Juke Nismo is Hellaflush. Here are installed really huge and wide wheels and such wild camber is the only one chance to install them without cut and welding. Else owner installed at his Nissan Juke air suspension and it's awesome modification. But don't forget about general style. This Juke is performed in total black styling. All that possible is black. Just a few red accents and yellow tire stickers. All other is black or tinted. Not all people understand and love hellaflush, but simply stanced Nissan Juke can look really amazing for all. For all who don't hate its design of course :-)
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