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Slammed Nissan Maxima 2016

White sedan with tinted windows and black trim - it almost always looks stunning. And this slammed Nissan Maxima is not exclusion.

Nissan Maxima Mk8 is not so ordinary mid-size sedan. Because this Maxima has distinctive and original design, has powerful enough V6 VQ35. And this sedan with around 300hp has... CVT. Such transmission is not bad for calm using. But in this case even 2-2.5 liter engine would be enough. Having legendary 3.5-liter engine you want to be sure that you can start from every trafic lights without any problems. Not thinking that such dynamic starts can kill your transmission. As for me, I really don't understand such concept.

But anyway this slammed Maxima looks simply cool. Lowering by airlift, cool wheels, huge front splitter. As a car you will admire, it's a great variant.
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