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Slammed Nissan Silvia S15

What is here today? This is the legendary Japanese coupe from 1990s - slammed Nissan Silvia S15! This is pure JDM, this model was never offered outside Japan. But now we can meet Silvia S15 even in countries with right-hand traffic. And all this is because it's the real legend, which has fans in all the world. So let's watch this legend a little more detailed.

This white Silvia was imported in Canada, which has not so stern laws about car import. I don't know exactly, but I guess that this car was imported in condition near stock. And already Canadian owner made this Nissan Silvia S15 slammed. Air lift is all needed to build cool stanced, slammed project car. But else we see here interesting wheels. And they are interesting because they are chrome. This solution is not cool many years. And I can't say when did this Silvia got these odd wheels. But it can be else Japanese legacy, so new owner just saved it. Anyway, it's cool to see such legendary car on the road, with right tuning, even with such outdated wheels.
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