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Stance Opel Astra F

Who said that Astra from 1990s can't look cool? This stance Opel Astra F is an evidence that it's possible. Basically now, after 30 years, every Astra which survived in good condition can be cool. Why? Because today it is a rare car in Europe and many of such cars are in poor condition. So, if you have a good Astra you can just install a great wheels from that epoch and make some lowering. Congrats, you have stanced Opel Astra F! Or Vauxhall Astra F, if you are from United Kingdom.

But it seams that except lowering and wheels this Astra from Poland else got swapped more modern and powerful engine. Today Poland is a home for thousands cool youngtimers. And it's cool that we can see such rare cars in a good shape.
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