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Stance Opel Calibra

Here is already became rare German coupe (or liftback, if you want) with interesting exterior modifications. And the main change of this Opel Calibra is stance. Lowering makes better almost all coupes, and Calibra is not exclusion. Let's watch this Calibra more detailed.

Opel (or Vauxhall if you live in Great Britain) Calibra was really cool car, when this model just appeared. Yes, it was FWD "coupe" based on Opel Vectra. But Calibra had really cool and amazing design, which was actual even in 2000s. So, all we need for a qualitative tuning project is Calibra with body in good condition and make 2 simple changes. We need to make this Opel lower with coilovers or even air suspension. The last is ideal but expensive solution. And the second thing is new wheels. It can be new wheels with design which fits classic cars, restored old wheels or custom made 3-piece wheels, like in our case. If you have a car in a good condition you can make all this even just for around $1000-1500. If you have larger budget you can use else better suspension and wheels. As for this stanced Opel Calibra, this coupe from Minsk looks awesome.
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