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Opel Calibra Widebody

Opel Calibra has never been a serious driver's or really fast car. But it was a pretty affordable "coupe" with cool design. In all other it still was Opel Vectra A. But here we have a cool widebody Opel Calibra (or Vauxhall Calibra in Great Britain). So, I offer to watch this coupe more close.

This is else one coupe with widebody and design which was inspirated by Ferrari Testarossa, almost like widebody Opel Kadett E which we have posted here. This widebody Opel Calibra got wide fenders, side "air intakes" in Testarossa styling, huge wing, wide wheels from BBS. Bumpers were modified as well. In addition, as we see through front bumper, this Opel Calibra bot turbo. I don't know how fast is this Opel, but as many cars from 1980s, probably this car looks much better than it drives. However, this turbo Opel Calibra with wide body looks really cool. It's a shame that manufacturer didn't make it significantly fast already from factory.
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