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Tuning Opel Corsa D 2014

At first, I may to say that this is Vauxhall Corsa, British version of Opel. But it' the same car as Opel.

Small hatchbacks of present generation are not most popular in tuning. But that's popular and mass cars. This Corsa is almost fresh, but already not new. So, no credits or leases. That means full freedom to do with car all what you want. And owner did!

Corsa never was really fast car. But this compact hatchback can give to it's driver an interesting handling and emotions. Almost all modifications here are more for humor. Corsa will never go so fast to feel that its huge spoiler works. The same we can say about splitters too. Bigger and wider wheels are most practice mod here. If rims are forged and have less weight - it can make car a little faster. But handling will go to next level.

If talk about every element separately - that's all strange things. But in amount - looks really not bat. All young driver needs.
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