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Widebody Opel Kadett E

If you were interesting how can look the widebody Opel Kadett E, I guess you are in a right place. Because here we have such insane hatch from 1980s. I don't know anybody about this tuning project, I just got these pictures and want to show them to you. And it doesn't interferes us to talk about this awesome Opel Kadett E with wide body as about ordinary tuning project.

Opel Kadett was not so bad and pretty cheap car. And it was a base for many another models. And almost all people's cars are popular on tuning scene. If it's not some Toyota of course :-) So it's not a wonder that people are building really cool tuning projects based on ordinary city hatchbacks. So, in some moment the World got this widebody Opel Kadett E! It looks like a pure tuning project from 1980s. Because this Opel Kadett was converted into tiny Ferrari Testarossa. Front end has left almost stock, but with aggressive bumper. Front fenders a new and wide. And the most significant changes are closer to rear end. Wide rear fenders in Testarossa styling, new taillights. Else this Kadett wide wheels, but they are still R15. It's so old school solution. Today we would install rather some R18 wheels. This mad Opel Kadett has Spanish number plates and it's strange as well because we don't hear anything about Spain talking about tuning. However, it's a cool tuned car from 1980s.
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