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Opel Tigra Rat Look

Here is tiny 1gen Opel Tigra tuned in rat look styling. Rust is an ordinary thing for many old Opels. So, on some meaning it's a joke. But looks not so bad, if be honest.

At first yes, all body panels are really rusty. Bumpers are looking not so fresh too. Even wipers are rusty. But that's not all. This small Tigra has else a few interesting mods.

How is it possible to modify car without lowering now? Suspension is lowered. Wheels are steel and custom. They were made more wide. But they are painted :-) To cover these wide wheels car got cheap plastic fenders. Exhaust pipe got a cool looking cap, like at old tracktors.

All these mods are simple, but funny. And such car attracts a lot of attention everywhere. Last times we see a loot of cool tuning project from Poland. And this rusty Opel Tigra is one of them.
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