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Tuning Genesis GV80

Genesis GV80 showcases a striking and elegant exterior design characterized by a distinctive crest-shaped grille, quad headlights, and a sleek, modern silhouette. It combines elements of classic luxury with a contemporary aesthetic. Inside, the GV80 offers a sumptuous and well-crafted cabin with premium materials such as leather, wood, and metal accents. It boasts a clean and uncluttered design, along with a generous amount of space for both passengers and cargo. But what about tuning of Genesis GV80? Here we have such SUV. Let's watch it more detailed.

Owner performed this GV80 in almost total black design. Body, wheels, windows are black. Only some trim and grill are chrome. Looks not so bad, but... But owner has bought cool forged wheels from Vossen. They are awesome, expensive, and they are almost invisible being black. It is sad. Some lowering could make this expensive Hyundai more cool, but it seams here is stock suspension.
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