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Tuning Rivian R1S

Here is an awesome and stylish Rivian R1S with some exterior tuning. Rivian is a fresh player in this market, but Tesla already proofed us that it is possible to start with great product. So, let's take a closer look at electric SUV in more detail.

Basically this SUV performed in fully black styling, like some BMW X5. But it's not BMW and it is an electric SUV. Let's back to our Rivian R1S and its exterior tuning. It is more easy to say what is not black. DRL, taillights and brake calipers. All other is black. Black body, wheels and trim, tinted windows. By the way, owner installed here awesome wheels. At first, he сhose cool and expensive forged wheels from Vossen. And he hid these wheels by black color. But such black styling needs such victim. Anyway, this modified Rivian R1S looks just stunning.
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