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Stance Trabant 601 Kombi

Guess who is here? If you have hot heard about Trabant - just google about this treasure :-) Anyway, we have here stance Trabant 601 Kombi. And this car is more than ordinary wheels and fitment. Let's watch this plastic car more detailed.

If you think that this is a crap and that's why it is very cheap base for tuning, you are wrong. Because Trabant in adoptable condition would cost a few thousands Euro in Germany. Cars in really great condition with low mileage can cost 10-20 thousands Euro. So it is not cheap car. East Germany produced more than 3 million such plastic cars, which don't have a problems with rust. But you can't Trabant cheap now. And don't forget that all tuning of such car would be 100% custom. This stanced Trabant 601 Kombi from Romania has a lot of custom parts. Basically the main theme of this car is bronze. Roll-bar in the cabin is finished in bronze. Custom made 3-piece wheels have bronze centers. There are a lot of parts in engine bay are chrome or bronze as well. And it is strange that roof is red, not bronze :-) Anyway this is a really cool tuning project with many interesting details.

P.S. Yes, this Trabant 601 Kombi has air suspension, which allows to adjust its fitment. It is the best solution.
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