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Stance Peugeot 308 2 SW 2018

Here we see a usual european station wagon with some interesting exterior tuning. This Peugeot 308 2 SW is an ordinary stance project. And I may say that this Peugeot looks awesome! I offer to watch this French wagon in more detail.

I guess this white wagon looks better than blue tuned Peugeot 308 2 SW, which we have already posted previously. White color allows to see better that it's in real pretty enough car. And white body looks just amazing with tinted windows, black roof and trim. As for stance, this Peugeot 308 2 SW has all needed. Air suspension allows to get this Peugeot 308 SW lowered for better fitment and look. But else air ride gives an additional comfort while trip, which can't be realized by ordinary coil springs. Boring stock wheels were replaced into brand new larger from Vossen. But on my opinion these wheels are not ideal for this car. But, no doubt, these wheels make this car really unique. Such simple tuning attracts a lot of additional attention to this comfort and practical family wagon, as this 2018 Peugeot 308 2 SW still is. And I guess all these tunes really made this Peugeot much better. By the way, now this Peugeot is a ticket to all car's enthusiasts meetings and events.
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