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Stance Peugeot 406

Here is an awesome stance Peugeot 406 from Poland. There are a lot of qualitative tuning projects are built in Poland. So, let's watch this tuned Peugeot 406 more detailed.

Basically, this sedan looks near stock. And it's really so. Because here are only a few simple, but always working modifications. The main change here is hew wheels. They are in Japanese style and finished in bronze. It's not usual wheels for Peugeot. So, looks definitely rare. The second significant change on this stance Peugeot 406 is lowered suspension. What modern tuning project can be without lowering? But I see else a few little mods. One of owners installed here splitter to make front end a little lower and more stylish. Number plate is installed on bracket in JDM style as well, like wheels. These tuning is really simple, but all together makes this Peugeot 406 especial.
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