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Stance Peugeot 508

Here we see a cool french sedan - Peugeot 508 with stance. These cars are cool, but not so popular in tuning. And it's a pity. So, let's watch this Peugeot 508 with air suspension more detailed.

Basically, this sedan Peugeot 508 is not only an ordinary stance project. Owner wanted to do this car more stylish. But let's start from the main. In meaning of wheels and fitment this slammed Peugeot 508 is a usual stance project. Air suspension allows to adjust fitment and get low when you want. Else, as all we know, air bags make ride more smooth and comfortable. Owner could choose better wheels for this Peugeot 508, but who we are to judge his taste. He has made how we has wanted. But, as I have said previously, that's not all tuning of this Peugeot 508. Owner wanted to build this sedan in total black styling. That's why almost everything on this Peugeot is black. Trim, headlights and taillights are black. All rear windows are tinted. And it's cool that wheels are not black. Anyway, this Peugeot looks unusual.
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