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Tuning Porsche 992

Talking about Porsche we usually thinking about some Turbo S. But don't think that Carrera is not awesome. Carrera is 911 as well and this car usually is faster than 99.9% cars around. Here we have Porsche 992 with some minor tuning. Let's watch this most friendly supercar more detailed...

Porsche 911 has cool traditional design. This Porsche 992 looks like a stock car without any tuning, but it's a little wrong. The main modifications here are around wheels and fitment. Factory wheels from Porsche are not bad, but new set of wheels is else better and makes car more unique. Suspension can be a little lowered for better fitment. Else for such cool fitment owner could order wheels with needed dimensions or use some spacers. Here wheels are in one plane with fenders and it looks really cool. Else I may note that owner installed not black wheels and this is awesome. Wheels are finished in color almost like body. And this gray color looks stunning with black trim and tinted windows. Simple changes - maximum result because wheels rule!
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