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Tuning Porsche Panamera 971

Here we have an awesome white Porsche Panamera 4S 971 with some tuning. These changes are not so significant, but they made exterior of this Panamera better. So, I offer to watch this luxury vehicle in more detail.

It's a shame, but Panamera is a little forgotten today. We all talking about electric Porsche Taycan or popular SUV Porsche Cayenne. But Panamera still is an awesome luxury vehicle. This Porsche Panamera 4S 971 has a simple, but effective tuning. All styling of this car is built around 2 colors: white and black. White body looks awesome with tinted windows and black roof, trim, exhaust tips, etc. It's a pity, but these awesome wheels from Vossen are finished in gloss black as well. Owner wasted huge money and hided these wheels behind black color. Side skirts, valance panels at bumpers are black as well. This solution makes Panamera's silhouette more high. It's a little strange solution because Panamera, being fast car, is low already from factory. By the way, blacked headlights are looking great. Owner could get taillights smoked as well.
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