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Tuning Cupra Formentor

Here is an awesome black Cupra Formentor with some tuning. This stanced Cupra Formentor in performed in almost fully black style and looks awesome. This is one first tuned Cupra Formentor. I guess we will see more similar SUV in the future. So, let's take a closer look at this fast SUV from Seat.

I have heard a legend that Cupra Formentor is the only VAG, which is awesome already from factory, without any tuning. And European VAG fan boys are really thinking so. That's why this stanced Cupra Formentor looks so cool. I guess it's really qualitative tuning project, made with a taste and balanced. Vehicle is almost black. Black body, no chrome trim, tinted windows. But, thanks God, wheels are not black and they are looking awesome. This Cupra Formentor has a cool looking fitment. Owner can make some stage later. But in meaning of styling and suspension this is really one of the best VAGs.
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