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Stance Seat Ibiza

Here is a bright blue and stance Seat Ibiza from sunny France. Usually stance fits large sedans and coupes, but it's not rule. Because this lowered Seat Ibiza looks just incredible. Let's look at this tiny stance project in more detail.

Basically this Ibiza has not so significant changes. But they are effective because these modifications seriously change look and feeling. Stance means 2 guaranteed changes: wheels and fitment. And this stance Seat Ibiza has it and else some tiny mods. Air suspension allows this Seat Ibiza to get lower and in bottom position this car almost lays on the road. Stock wheels were replaced into larger. New wheels are pretty, but they are finished in black. As for me, I don't like black wheels because it's a large chance to make wheels invisible. Even if you have really cool rims. But black wheels have some harmony with other elements. Rear windows have a light tint, taillights are smoked, headlights are painted black inside. Rear spoiler is partly black as well. Trim and badges are black too. Let's watch what is inside. In a cabin we see... roll bar and air receiver... It's almost oxymoron because air suspension is not the best choice for fast driving. Cars on track days or time attack don't have air suspension. So, I guess that owner installed roll bar this car to seam more cool. It's the only one explain of this. Because it's fresh and safe enough car, which doesn't need no additional safety elements in usual use.
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