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Stance Skoda Fabia 3 NJ

Skoda has a reputation as manufacturer of balanced and a little boring cars. Other think that Skoda produces just more cheap version of VWs. It is so, but Skoda just has own face and styling. And this tiny hatch Skoda Fabia 3 in NJ generation with stance looks just amazing. All chrome is blacked out. And of course owner installed here larger wheels with air suspension. These wheels are not looking like large, but they are large. Large for this tiny hatchback. I can't say they here are installed the best model of wheels. But they are definitely better than stock. Air suspension can convert into really cool stance project even such ordinary car like Skoda Fabia. You can say that it is still small city daily driver. Yes, it is so. But this Fabia is more comfortable due to installed air suspension and attracts much more attention on the streets.
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