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Stance Subaru BRZ 2023

Here is a cool stance 2023 Subaru BRZ Mk2 with interesting exterior tuning. Here was much more works than usual "wheels and fitment". Let's watch this stanced Subaru BRZ more detailed.

At first, yes, it's in some meaning a stance project. Here was lowered suspension and installed more cool and larger wheels. By the way, wheels are finished in white. Today it's not popular color for wheels, but here looks great. But this stance Subaru BRZ has else a lot of changes. Of course this pink color is not from factory. This Subaru BRZ is wrapped. All possible trim was already black from factory or was wrapped by black vinyl as well. Windows were tinted for better styling. Else owner installed huge black wing with pink elements. But under this large wing is installed else a small lip spoiler. But I may say that it's just stanced Subaru BRZ, with normal camber. Probably the most part of seriously tuned BRZ and GT86 that I see have hellaflush and wild widebody kits. This BRZ is simply stanced and wrapped and it's amazing.
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